FIFA 18 Dynamic Substiotyons is step by step FIFA 16

When it comes to marketing, IE is always trying to find new ways to sell FIFA 18. Alternative Dynamic is another marketing term introduced by FIFA 18 but the thing is that it's nothing new at all. This feature was already present in FIFA 16 and added voice commands.

Switches to FIFA 17 except to delete because it completely eliminates all voice commands. Freeing FIFA 18 options is re-dynamic, but it lacks voice command support as it was to put FIFA 16.

Dynamic functions you can choose from options before the game, which quickly resulted in replacing the game without leaving it. This is visible under the video below, which tells you how to effectively use the game.

You can compare the integration with FIFA 16 to get an idea. Marketing is a company to offer a new feature when it really is not one. But given that I have to sell players to new FIFA ways to distinguish it from previous games, it works in theory.

I have already given sports icon Ronaldo Diego Maradu cards FIFA 18. The game will be released 29. September and PS4, Sboks Wan, Bessie and Nintendo switch.