FIFA 18 on the Nintendo switch plays amazingly well

Sports fans discussed the benefits of Nintendo switch version of FIFA 18 since the publication of Electronic Arts publisher earlier this year. It was the same about the nature of the game sentinel - whether quoting the title of FIFA is fitting, or less type of experience adapted - so I played right in front of the E3 2017.

After playing through a friendly match between Real Madrid and Chelsea during the last meeting with Nintendo, we came out of admiration with FIFA 18 on the switch. It's definitely not the same high-precision game that I'll release on September 10th, on PlayStation 4, Windows Besi and Sboks Wan. But do not worry, both - especially since you can play on the toilet.

I was marketed as FIFA 18 built from the ground to switch, said a representative of the company that uses Polygon version switch using a custom engine - no sports Agnete, Motor Versions and PS4 Sboks and is used to Turn up. It does not feel as far as FIFA 17, but the developers were able to record some of the latest gameplay features, such as the new transit system this year.

More important is that the engine runs to work at 60 fps, with a resolution of 1080p when it is docked switch and its conductors are 720p. We were also impressed with the visuals, or play on the TV or with the switch in our screen hands. The game certainly looks better than that of version Blisstatyon 3 and Sboks 360, with the official uniforms for the players in particular.

The biggest missing element of the modern FIFA experience is the game engine. FIFA 17 last year, the developer IE Vancouver moves a long-range series of engine frost E DICE. This change has allowed a great graphic upgrade and allows every Vancouver to offer the first style of the story Viva, a Gurnee. Both articles are well received - "The Season", the second of the story, Journey: Hunter returns, see in FIFA 18 - but without freezing, it's impossible to put the story present in the switch version of the game to to be.

FIFA introduced 17 traditional series of single-player career mode, Be a Pro, for people who were not interested in Hunter's story. The version of FIFA 18 will also include the development of the profession, although I do not explicitly point out that "Be a Pro" that pause us. He says the company describes the description that the players will be able to "control the club Kaab or manager and guide the club to win multiple seasons."

Otherwise, the 18 FIFA Online Switch will undoubtedly mean that FIFA fans are interested in FUT 18 Coins, the FIFA team and the themes team. Yes, you will be able to buy and open card packs on board (assuming the Wi-Fi business). Solo and online versions of Bigfoot Sasoons, missed symbols like Ronaldo Nazario - a new feature this year - as well as live updates and full transfer market will be available on the switch.

In addition, the owners will switch to a few exclusive media platforms specially designed for Nintendo's unique. You can connect two consoles locally or online for the local seasons, allowing up to four people to compete in a series of five games. Kick off switch lets you return immediately to solo or multiple local contests. However, online gaming is more limited than in Besi / PS4 / Sboks versions and supports the full 11 matches-NL -11 (ie 22 players a human). The maximum limit on the switch is only four players.

FIFA 18 is at least generous with switch options. We first played in a moped with the Pro Controller switch, then took the device into our hands to play with pads joy on both sides of the fact that the screen. You will also be able to play with two joy-cons in your hands, or only one-sided contract.

Only time and sales - will have to show if FIFA 18 on the switch is the title of the one-time or first entry in the annual release schedule. But it seems that this is a solid first attempt, instead of quirky, half-cache port, like sports fans are used to seeing on the Nintendo platforms.