FIFA Nintendo turns Fifa 18

According to Peter Moore, EA Executive FIFA game coming to Nintendo switch this year to launch a football 18.

He emphasized Moore, President of EA competition and address of the interview Gamereactor. "It's football 18, and it becomes clear later this year, when 18 football comes out," Moore said conference in Paris last weekend.

This title is perhaps not surprising, but older, because for the first time that EA is called a game changer name. Message in the last month, and so far, the company may indicate that they are "EA Sports Football Nintendo switch", the title of lawyer, which raised questions about the nature of the product.

EA are described in the clutch version of FIFA 18 is "Custom Built" the new Nintendo platform, so it is safe to assume that the game will take advantage of the unique features of the hardware switch. He called on FIFA 18 on the reverse side, for example, "Viva switch" or "PlayStation football first" means to give an appropriate version of the franchise simulation of football - not a watered-down experience.

Moore also dropped a few other data, which will provide more clarity, a copy of the switch. He stressed that developed in-house EA Vancouver, home of the FIFA series. (EA often rented studios third-party to do outside of the headlines by brand above.) It commented Moore, that copy of the switch turns on "when the football 18 come out", we can conclude that it will launch in September, the traditional release of the franchise of the window - other details, which refers to the parity FIFA 18 switch, and the PlayStation 4, and a Windows PC and the Xbox brothers one.

Of course, we have to wait until the EA shows off a copy of the switch 18 football really know how to fit even the more established siblings. We do not yet know, was any truth to the rumors that the release switch operates as a last-generation technology, although Moore has denied indirectly.

It is also worth noting that the EA is not committed to doing other sports switch off the football. Said Patrick S?derlund, Executive Vice President of EA studios around the world the company "will be there again to launch the platform and take-offs," which suggests that EA's take a wait and see attitude. Please note that FIFA and Madden had to launch Wii U device in 2012 addresses, but never called the second EA Sports title device, because, as the President and CEO Andrew Wilson said, "there was not a sport." It remains to be seen whether they will appear on the switch.